Brianna Benoit-Brown

AWP_20150808_17_11_25_Pro (2) 1 highly motivated educator, effective communicator and curriculum designer with 5+ years of progressive experience in Technology, Education and Communications. Expertise in adult and youth learning techniques, lesson plan designs, mobile applications, website design, team leadership and training. Multi-talented creator of training and promotional mobile applications, website and videos for use in classrooms, corporations and in the community. Vast knowledge and experience in use of a wide variety of computer programming languages for corporate and educational purposes. Advanced hardware and software computer skills. Excellent people skills and organizational skills with adults and youth. Proven leadership in challenging work situations or environments. Results-oriented and driven to help others succeed.

Ms. Benoit is an innovative, open minded, creative thinker who also has years of experience in real-estate rental properties management and renovation’s. Leadership and development of business and community organization as a seasoned business owner and entrepreneur. Ms. Benoit is the owner of MMBenoit Holdings Company which is a LLC she founded in 2009.